How to Operate a Security Company

How to Operate a Security Company (eBook in PDF Format)

This tutorial eBook is a step by step guide for the new and experienced security business owner alike. How to Operate a Security Company was written by Michael Evans, the current CEO of USPA Nationwide Security. The eBook was written to answer the questions that we receive every day, such as:

>> License, Bond and Insurance for security business
>> How to set up your office
>> Exactly what supplies you will need
>> What software you need and why you need it
>> Where to buy uniforms and what type of uniforms
>> Where to get ID Cards for your employees
>> What vendors you will need to operate a security company and who to hire
>> Taxes and bookkeeping
>> Security Equipment
>> Merchant Services for security business
>> Worker’s Compensation Insurance by State
>> How to hire employees
>> Interview Techniques for hiring and Red Flag Answers
>> How to create a security employee file
>> Landing contracts... Step by step
>> Long term contracts vs. short term contracts
>> Creating contract files
>> Setting up your staff
>> Hiring an assistant
>> The F*cked Folder
>> Using Subcontractors (10-99’s vs. Employees)
>> Red flag calls for service.. AND MORE

There are many links and helpful videos in this eBook to better assist the security company owner in understanding how to operate a security business and execute day to day operations.

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